Getting the most out your gym gear has never been easier

The old days

Two or three of decades ago, wearing leggings or a hoody during the day, to go shopping or do the school run was not really the done thing. In fact, sports clothes were reserved for just that, sport. And nothing else. To do exercise you were more likely to find yourself wearing clothing designed specifically for the sport you were practising. Each individual sport required a uniform of sorts and mixing sports with everyday wear was not on trend. 

Blurring the lines

Gradually, as time has gone on, the hoody, trainers and leggings have crept into casual everyday wear. Coronavirus in 2020 sped this process up at lightning speed and all of a sudden, anything goes. 

‘Athleisure’ has become a term used to describe this mixing of casual wear and sportswear. Leggings and heels combos have been seen on catwalks, the hoody and blazer look is fairly standard now and even cycling shorts have come back into circulation; this time as part of everyday styling. 

Making the most of it all

With the world looking now at sustainability, it makes sense that our wardrobe should be more flexible, less constrained by the purpose for which a garment was perhaps originally intended. Wearing cycling shorts, a blouse and a blazer to work is still not perhaps to everyone’s taste, but mixing sportswear into work or everyday wear definitely gives you more options in the morning.

This level of flexibility and creativity when styling all kinds of items has hopefully given way to a more sustainable fashion sense. 

Sustainable Sports Clothing

Companies like Sustained Sports make this blending of styles easy. Want sustainable sports clothing? Look no further. This website pulls together sustainable sports brands so you can find all kinds of clothing to suit your sports needs as well as your athleisure styling. Leggings made from recycled fabric to wear to work, the shops and the gym. Hoodies to hit the streets with style and sustainability.

No more excuses for not doing exercise anymore either, you’re already half dressed for it!