Kind Words


I am so happy to have had a Colour Analysis done by Jessica. I’ve always had my favourite colours and that limits what I have in my wardrobe as I’ve never had the courage to branch out. However, I’ve discovered a whole range of colours that work well for me but are missing from my life, and I feel more confident about what to look for now and where I can dare to be adventurous! Jessica is very knowledgeable and extremely passionate about what she does which really shines through!


Time spent with Jessica is time well invested. It’s fantastic to have new outfits built from existing items that I would never have put together before. After a good clear out my clothes have space to freely move along the rails. You will see how wearing the right clothing for you will lift your mood and give you confidence. A shopping trip will have you choosing styles and colours you may have ignored before. Jessica is very approachable and gentle when explaining why you should or should not wear an item/outfit. I had chosen not to go through an experience like this before meeting Jessica for fear of feeling embarrassed about my body shape, type of clothing I already had etc. however with Jessica I have the opposite feeling, she completely empowers me. 

Thank you from my wardrobe and I.


I was lucky enough to have a style consultation with Jessica and it has genuinely changed my day to day life. When I used to just buy clothes that were nice and fit me, I ended up with a wardrobe of clothes that made me look wide, broad shouldered and chubby! Now I know what patterns to look for, what necklines and sleeve styles to avoid and how to make myself look my best every day. Even while wearing everyday clothes! I cleaned out my wardrobe and every piece I own looks good on me so I no longer have bad clothes days!! I would honestly recommend using her service, it really is an investment that will last you your whole life! And will save you money in the long run so you’re not wasting your money on clothes you’ll never wear! Couldn’t recommend her more!! Thank you Jessie!!


You can tell just by looking at Jessica that she is clearly a natural when It comes to what to wear. I found her very personable and she made me feel very at ease when talking about my body likes and dislikes. Jessica involved me in the consultation by asking my opinion about what I thought my body type and shape is. She used helpful visuals and talked through the various factors that determine the styles that best suited my body. I really felt part of it compared to previous consultations I have had in large department stores where it felt like random items were handed to me by the shop assistant who told me to try it on without much explanation of why that may suit me.

I am so grateful for this experience. For a very thoughtful, professional and friendly consultation, I highly recommend Jessica.


Jessica was very professional, knowledgeable and thorough. She immediately made me feel relaxed about the consultation process and her passion and dedication ensured that the experience was a personal one.

I can now browse shops with purpose and direction and no longer have that ‘guilty’ feeling about clothes. She has given me a new found appreciation of style and image and has done wonders for my confidence as a new mum. I would highly recommend her.


I often feel quite anxious about choosing outfits and lack confidence in the clothes I wear. Jessica was wonderfully helpful, made me feel at ease during the consultation. I was able to talk openly with the warm and relaxing environment she created. With My Private Stylist I now feel more confident going to shops knowing what styles and shapes suit me best. Thank you.