Style Class


Learn to buy the right clothes, put stylish outfits together and transform your look.


Whether you’re starting a new career, returning to work or need to know what clothes make you look and feel great, a Style Class teaches you all about the most flattering styles for your body shape.

Learn all the techniques you need to buy the right the clothes, put stylish outfits together and completely transform your look. Choose from an online or in-person option.

Choose from an online or in person option.

How it works

• Once you have placed your order I will get in touch to arrange your appointment – sessions can take place at my studio, your home, your office or via video chat.
• During your appointment we will talk about what you’d like to get out of your session, your body shape and what style clothes you are looking for
• You’ll receive a personal guide reference document that details the styles and shapes that suit you.

What’s included

• Two hours to do a deep dive into your shape and your style.
• Analysis of your physical characteristics, your lifestyle and personality to understand the outfits you are looking for.
• Advice on picking the right clothing styles for your body shape, including how to recognise and select the perfect fit so that you can create outfits that are flattering and functional.

What you’ll get out of it

• Confidence to select the best clothes for you whether from your own wardrobe or when you’re shopping.
• Courage to use accessories and to dress outfits up and down.
• Ability to make better use of your existing clothes and avoid costly mistakes when buying new items.

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