Transformation Package


The ultimate package to create a whole new and improved look. Included is a Style Class, Colour Analysis, Wardrobe Detoxes, and Personal Shopping Trips.

The ultimate package to create a whole new and improved look. If you are looking for a career change, you’re recently divorced or simply find yourself in need of a style boost, the Transformation Package will give you everything you need to feel like a brand new, confident you.

Included in this package is a Style Class so you learn all you need to know about the clothes that best fit and flatter your shape, a colour analysis that teaches you which colours to wear to enhance your features, two wardrobe detoxes throughout the year, and up to 3 personal shopping trips to maintain your look and keep your wardrobe up to date. The precise requirements can be discussed, however, to fully suit your needs.

How it works

• We have an initial consultation to discover everything you need to know about the Transformation package so that it suits your precise needs.
• After your initial consultation, we will set up your Style, Colour and first Wardrobe Detox appointments. Your Style and Colour appointments can take place in your home, your office or my studio.
• The first Personal Shopping trip will take place after your Wardrobe Detox.”
• A second Wardrobe Detox will be scheduled for a time that best suits you, usually during a change of season.
• A second and third Personal Shopping Trip will be scheduled as and when it is necessary and usually during a change of season.
• With this package, I will be your stylist and as such, I can answer any style or outfit questions you may have throughout the year.

What’s included

• A free initial consultation on the phone or via video call.
• A Style Class to discover your body shape, your lifestyle and personality traits and the clothes that will make you look and feel your best.
• A Colour Analysis to fully understand your colouring, the most flattering colours and shades to wear so that you look the most beautiful every day.
• Your very own colour swatch, usually sold separately, is included in this package.
• A Wardrobe Detox to fully reorganise and refresh your wardrobe, leaving space for only your most loved pieces and making way for new key items.
• An initial Personal Shopping Trip to fill the gaps in your wardrobe and create new looks and outfits to transform your look.
• A further 2 Personal Shopping Trips to be confirmed throughout the year and usually before a change of season to create new outfits and refresh older ones.
• A second Wardrobe Detox to be confirmed at a later stage, but usually before or during a change of season to make way for new season clothes and put into storage previous season items.
• On hand tips and advice when you need it throughout the year via text or email.

What you’ll get out of it

• Advice at your fingertips from a professional and friendly stylist.
• Confidence to create brand new looks and outfits by yourself and with the help of a qualified stylist.
• Stress- free dressing with clothes from a well organised and tidy wardrobe, full of clothes you love.
• Understanding of the best colours to brighten up your wardrobe and enhance your features, making you look younger, healthier and more beautiful than ever.
• Shopping tips to save you money and time, knowing you will only buy what really works for you and your new look.
• Stylist guidance and help whenever you need it; for an important engagement, that special wedding or any time you might need a little extra reassurance.

Still unsure? Book a free consultation to find out how I can help.